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Our installation begins with our professionalism. We are always on time, come prepared and work quickly so that you have your home or business back in order within a day or two. Occasionally installations have concerns such as a poor sub-floor or need leveling, etc. We feel its our job to not only keep you aware of any issues we find during the installation but to ensure you have the best outcome possible.

We handle all areas of vinyl installation:

  • Pick-up and deliver vinyl from any store
  • Rip-up, sub-floor repair and move furniture
  • Install trimming after vinyl installation
  • Clean-up and dispose of old flooring

We have Vinyl


Our missions consist of experience, quality and our guarantee for satisfaction.
We can install any patterned vinyl, such as the hexagon style, wood plank style and tiled style as well as many others for a seamless design.
The biggest challenge with vinyl is the ability to inscribe the design of the room layout into a single vinyl piece. This takes lots of practice and patience to measure and cut an accurate piece for your room. The advantage to this is that most vinyl rooms can eliminate having an extra seam.
Installation varies on your choice of glue down vinyl or floating vinyl. We can work with pressure sensitive glue that some vinyl manufacturers prefer or we can roll it out with our 75lb roller. We have all the necessary tools and knowledge to a quality vinyl installation per the manufacturers' recommendations.

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