Handyman Professionals

We can provide many services beyond flooring. Our experience and portfolio includes everything from drywall to masonry work and little handyman jobs around the home.

We can handle all handyman projects:

  • Deck and fence repairs
  • Painting, handing curtains or blinds
  • Installation of wainscoting or special trim
  • Installing drywall and patching plaster walls
  • And much more!

Our Handyman


We bring experience and quality to the table.
Wobbly fence? Broken gate? Need new deck rail? These are all types of services we offer at a reasonable price. We can also replace top deck boards, support deck with new beams or even stain your deck. Please ask as we can fix almost all outdoor residential structures.
We can hang drywall or just fix areas that need to be repaired. This includes plaster walls that are buckling, cracking or have holes in them.
We can paint your trim work, walls, floors or deck. We prefer to use a professional sprayer to achieve the best finish when possible.
Can we install different types of trimming, wainscoting, chair rails, etc. Every job is different and usually requires custom fitting when it comes to woodworking.
As a previous masonry, patching cement or similar small jobs are easily done or can be added to your current project. If you are looking for a large job such as a driveway or pole barn foundation, I can refer you to local concrete professionals that can quote your job out.

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