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Transparent Pricing

To create transparency and to eliminate confusion, we have posted our pricing.
$0.67     Carpet installed over wood (sqft)
$0.70     Carpet installed over concrete (sqft)
$0.75     Carpet glue double down (sqft)
$0.40     Carpet re-stretch (sqft)
$150       Minimum

What is the difference between carpet on wood, concrete and glue down?
Carpet installed on wood and concrete are held in place using tack strip. On wood, we staple our tack strips down for extra support, on concrete, we use concrete tack strip, but also reinforces tack strip with a special concrete glue. When gluing down carpet, you do not need tack strip, the entire carpet, (and or padding) is glued directly to the floor.

$6.00      Tile installed (sqft) (+.75 diagonal)
$10.00     Back-splash (liner ft)
$400       Minimum

Why is the minimum higher than other installations?
Tile has a higher minimum than other installations because it requires more trips to complete the job. Tile is typically installed the first day, with the second day for grouting and sealing.

$1.25     Vinyl installed (sqft) (planks/tile or sheet)
$150      Minimum

What should I consider when pricing vinyl out? A vinyl sheet typically comes in 12' or 13'6" width goods. The advantage of vinyl planks or tile is that it uses less waste. For example, a 7'x 7' bathroom will use roughly 55 sqft of planks/tile, as a sheet will require a '7x12' piece to be ordered which requires 84 sqft to be purchased.

$2.00     LVP and LVT
$150      Minimum

What should I consider when pricing vinyl vs LVT/LVP? LVP/LVT usually doesn't require a sub-floor or embossing like vinyl does. This can save a lot on sub-floor prepping costs, as well as the cost to purchase sub-floor sheets (luan). Please note that prior to installation LVT/LVP, some leveling or small areas may need to be patched and there is a minimal charge for this.

LVT/LVP is much thicker than vinyl so when transitioning flooring through door ways, it is ideal to cut door jams so that there are no seams around the door jams; this is an added cost.

$10.00      Waterfall (per step) (Carpet)
$15.00      Hollywood nosewrap (per step) (Carpet)
$10.00      Pie Shaped/Runner (per step) (Carpet)
$10.00      Runner with bound edges or turn edges (per step) (Carpet)
$12.00     Per step with spindles (if carpet wrapped around each spindle)
$25.00    Vinyl steps (per step)
$150        Minimum

What is the difference between waterfall and hollywood wrap?
For a more causal appearance, the waterfall method cascades the carpet down each step, creating a waterfall effect. The hollywood method wraps tightly around the front edge of it and is then stapled under the stair nose.

$1.00     Underlayment (Luan)

What is embossing leveler?
Many floors have a texture, embossing the floor means that it is smoothed over with a cement type material. This is important so that the texture of the old floor doesn't show through the new floor.

What is underlayment?
If embossing isn't possible, a new thin sheet of wood is stapled down over the floor to give the new floor a smooth surface for installation. Mostly required with vinyl (sheet or panel). You can skip underlayment if installing LVT or LVP.

Removing and Replacing
$25.00     Appliances (ea)
$20.00     Furniture (ea)
$45.00     Toilet (ea)
$50.00     Vanity (ea)
$65.00     Pedestal Sink (ea)

Other Special Installations
$2.50        Installation of metals/ room transitions (liner ft)
$1.25         Installation of shoebase (liner ft)
$25.00     Cutting door jams (+3 more discount to $18 ea)

What should I consider when trying to save on installation?
Everything except cutting of door jams can be done by the customer. If you chose to do these yourself, all furniture, toilets, sinks must be moved prior to my arrival for installation. If these are not done prior to my arrival, you can either choose to have me add these to your invoice or I will charge you a trip charge to come back another day. Metals and shoebase (similar to quarter round) materials are not included in the installation price above. I can supply your with these (and add to your invoice) or you can purchase them yourself.

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