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Our prices are lower than that of stores because the middle man is no longer involved. This also allows for you to shop for the best price on flooring. Shopping for products anywhere also allows for you to compare prices of online flooring stores as well: or
You have several options for saving money on flooring:

Online discount flooring stores such as,,

You can also shop at a local outlet flooring company located in Ann Arbor called:

If you have a rental of a small bedroom you are looking to have flooring installed, shop at local flooring stores to see if they have small remnants left over. I may also have small new and used carpet that I can sell at a huge discounted price.

As an installer I pick up the flooring and will charge you a small trip fee. I work with a 16' trailer which allows me to haul carpet and pick up large pallets (typical for LVP and hardwood). If your project involves drywall, special trim and other materials, I will pick those up at the store and will charge that into your final invoice.
I have done several bathroom updates that gives any bathroom a great "face-lift". This includes new flooring, new toilet, vanity, wainscoting, painting and hanging a new light and mirror. This can transform a bathroom without the additional cost of a full gut or having to move plumping. If you are interested in giving your bathroom a face lift, I would be happy to price that out.
Whatever your concern may be, I am happy to come back to fix the issue. As a perfectionist, I ensure the following on all my jobs:

All my work is clean and level regardless of the type of flooring.

Floors are always prepped well before installation.

I take great care in stretching in your carpet for a long lasting floor and only use professional stretchers.

For tile work, I use a leveling system and spacers, as well as clean all joints out before grouting to ensure a smooth finish.

I use proper tapping blocks and experience with multi brands that I understand the nature in which they connect to one another.

You can always test your carpet by pull up on the carpet. It should feel tight to the floor with little give. If you are not experiencing this, then I would suggest you call the store that installed your flooring and voice your concern. Please note that overtime all carpeting will need to be re-stretched. As it is walked on, it will push the fibers out making the carpet less tight.
Stairs have many options in which I can install:

Luxury Vinyl Planks (metal strip/bull nose option)
Vinyl (sheet style)

When installing carpet on stairway, it is best to go with a lower nap and higher grade carpeting due to the wear that it will experience. I can install runners and carpet between spindles on stairways as well.

If your thinking of repainting or putting new trim down, you may want to hold off. This is brought up many times and when installing new carpet, many customers do not order felt backing. This can allow the carpet to be soft and not scratch walls and trim. Due to the lack of felt backed carpet, I would suggest you do not put newly stained or painted trim down until AFTER carpeting is installed. New carpet will scratch your new trim and you will be less than satisfied.
I am happy to give references that can speak to my professionalism. Once I have a job booked, I almost never need to change the install date. I am an early starter and like to start jobs first thing in the morning (7am-9am) and typically at a job roughly 10-12 hours a day until its finished.

As a small business owner, I have invested a great deal of my time and resources to build a reputable name and take great pride in my business and work.

I have several references I can give you that showcase a variety of work that I have completed. Please contact me and I am happy to provide them.

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